Simple Ways to Help Relieve Stress

Have you been feeling stressed lately? We all experience stress at some point in our lives, it's a natural reaction. However, even though it is a natural reaction, it can have a negative impact on our health and lives. The good news is there are many ways you can help relieve stress and all it takes is a few minutes out of the day to help you clear your mind and change your mood. Here are a few tips on what you can do to help destress. 
  • Journal
Writing is a great way to write out your emotions and help you reflect. You can even get artsy and paint and color your journal. A lot of people enjoy journaling as a way to destress and help stay organized.
  • Listen to music
Listen to soothing calming music. This will help slow your heart rate, blood pressure, and reduce your stress. Or you can listen to happy upbeat music that will help change your mood. 
  • Watch a funny movie
They say laughter is the best medicine. Get comfortable on your sofa or bed with your favorite snack and turn on a funny movie. Once you start laughing, you will feel a lot better. 
  • Exercise (walking, yoga, breathing exercises, meditate)
There are many exercise activities that can help you destress and it doesn't have to be an intense workout at the gym. It can be from the comfort of your home.
- Take a short 10 min walk around the neighborhood. You will be surprised at how effective a short walk can clear your mind. 
- Take a few minutes to do some breathing exercises. Take a slow, deep breath for a few seconds and exhale for a few seconds and repeat. This will help relax muscles, slow your heart rate, and help you reduce your stress levels.
- There are many meditation and yoga videos or apps you can find online for a quick session to help you destress.
  • Take a bath
Fill up your bathtub with warm water and add some essential oil or light a candle to make your environment as relaxed as possible. This will help boost your mood and lower your stress. Depending on which oil scent you use, there are many benefits. Here are some scents that will help you relax:
- Lavender
- Bergamot
- Frankincense
- Chamomile
  • Massage
Getting a massage is a great way to relax yourself from all the tensions in your body. You can even ask to add essential oils to help reduce your stress.
  • Talk or visit a family, friend, or loved one
Talking it out or visiting someone can help decrease the level of stress you're feeling. Once you talk it out, you will feel a great relief and with today's technology we can even video chat on our mobile phones.
  • Create something
If you have hobbies, this will be a great time to decompress and enjoy your favorite activity. It can be anything from making jewelry, cooking, painting, and more.
  • Gratitude
Make a list of what you're thankful for. This will help shift your mentality and change your mood. You will focus on the more positive things rather than focusing on the negative. Give it a try!