How to Make your iPhone Home Screen Look Aesthetic

The new iOS 14 update has got a lot of people obsessed with customizing their home screen set up. You now have the ability to design the app icons and create some widgets based on your style and preference. Hence, this will be a step by step tutorial on how you can customize your own iPhone home screen.

Initial Steps:

1. Update your phone to the iOS 14 (Settings > General > Software update)

2. Download the app Widgetsmith and Shortcuts.


How to Add a Widget:

1. Open Widgetsmith and choose the size of your widget. People would usually pick a calendar widget. You can also add a custom photo, text or a clock.

2. Save the widgets that you made.

5.Go back to your home screen.

6. Tap and hold the screen then tap the + sign on the upper left corner.

7. Scroll to the very bottom then tap 'Widgetsmith' then add widget.

8. Your first widget will now show up on your screen. Tap and hold the widget then tap 'Edit Widget'.

9. Then tap and choose the widget that you just made.

10. Repeat process if you want to add more widgets.


How to Change App Icons:

1. Open Shortcut app.

2. Tap the + sign on the top right.

3. Tap 'Add Action'.

4. Type 'Open App' and tap it.

5. Tap 'Choose' then choose the app that you want the icon changed.

6. Then, tap the 3 dots on the top right.

7. Tap 'Add to home Screen' then name it.

8. Tap the icon next to the name then choose a photo.

9. Tapp 'Add' on top right.

10 . Now, the new icon is finally changed on your app.


That's It!

That's pretty much it! The process can be long and tedious but it will be worth it in the end. Have some fun to play around with it and see what suits you best!