How to Look Good & Professional on your Zoom Meeting

With working from home growing its popularity, zoom meetings are part of the job now. Virtual conferences makes it easy for colleagues to give their report and discuss any concerns.It's easy to get caught up and get comfortable when working from home. However, it's important to look professional and put some effort when your presence is needed.

Here's some easy ways to look better on your Zoom or FaceTime meetings:

1. Use Natural Light

As much as possible, try to use natural light and face the window. If good lighting is not easily accessible then you can invest on a ring light for your virtual meetings.

2. Use the Zoom Filter Feature

Make good use of the “touch up my appearance” feature in the settings. This will smoothen your skin instantly and give you a quick glow up.


3. Wear a solid color

Don't wear an outfit with patterns, plaid or stripes. It will be too distracting for your coworkers.


4. Place your Camera to your Eye Level

Low angles are not very flattering so directly point your camera to your face at an eye level position and make sure that you are in the middle of the frame.

5. Less is More

This goes for your background and accessories. Make sure that your background is clean and with less clutter. Don't wear too much Jewelry either as it will also just be as distracting. The general look of your video is going to reflect the type of person you are so make a good impression.

6. Wipe your Screen

Wiping your screen is common sense but you'd be surprised on how many people forget to do this. Make sure to clean it so that the video will appear more clear.