5 Aesthetic Home Office Equipments for 2022

Start off 2022 with your aesthetic dream home office by starting with your desk setup. Having a pleasant desk setup will help your be more inspired to work and spend more time at your desk which will lead to an increase in your productivity. Here are 5 desk decorative equipment that would motivate you to enjoy working and studying.

1. Monitor Stand


Desktop monitors tend to be big and can take up almost half of our desk space. This is why a monitor stand rise will be great to elevate the screen and to give you more space on your desk for your other tools. 

2. Calendar

Keeping a wooden calendar next to you is a cheap way to make sure you are up to date on what day it is and you can see it from a distance even if you are walking by without having to check your electronics.

3. Decorative Books

Vintage styled books are pleasant to have by the desk and can give a motivation to see books as more that just an item that brings us information.

4. Digital Clock

When working, it is always good to have a large digital clock letting us know the time. This digital clock will look great to your desk setup as it has its own modern vibe to it. 

5. Plants

Plants play a role in creating a good atmosphere to your working environment. Real plants would be better for you but if you know that you are not good at taking care of plants then go for faux plants.