8 Modern Feminine Home Office Decor Ideas for Women

Working from home has become a norm now so it's not unusual to invest in home office decors as people tend to spend more time on their home desks. When working, you want to create an environment that resonates you to keep your workflow more enjoyable and organized.

Photo: 206D Vlogging Stand

Here are a list of office desk ideas with a touch of feminine style for the ladies. 

1. Aesthetic Phone & Tablet Stand

iphone ipad stand holder white

Ledetech's phone and table stands such as the T9 are perfect for every woman's home office desk. The color white gives a more stylish and aesthetic look for a light and airy vibe. 

2. Swivel Office Chair

Alla Swivel Task Chair with Tufted Back for Office in Pin

This bright pink swivel chair will make your office look high end and classy with its gorgeous golden touch. Sit on your throne while you are on the job because you deserve it.

3. Desk Organizer Supplies

office supplies for home office setup

Stay organized with a mail sorter, sticky note holder and pen cup in style. This set will can help you function and it doesn't hurt that they all match in light pink metal.

4. Cactus Pen Holder

Cactus Pen Holder Cactus Pen Container Desk Supplies Pencil Pot Storage Home Office Desktop Supplies (Pink)

I don't know about you but cactus pen containers may not be necessary but they are great to look at. They will definitely add character to your home office that could reflect on your mood while working.

5. Rose Gold Stapler Pack


TCJJ Rosegold Office Supplies Set, Desk Accessory Kit Includes Stapler, Tape Dispenser, Staple Remover, Pencil Holder, Scissors, 1000pcs Staples, 10pcs Colored Masking Tapes

Have some matching sets of rose gold office supplies featuring a stapler, tape dispenser, scissor, pencil holder and Staple remover. Keep you station organized and a beautiful space to work at.

6. Notepad, Paper clip, and Pin kit

These organization office accessories are going to make sure to remind you on the list of things you have to do. It will keep away clutter which can help free your mind while you are studying.

 7. Desk Plant

Your home desk is not a complete with a plant to give you company. If you are not a plant mom, then consider this artificial plant to bring life to your home office.

8. Cactus Bookends


Keep your books and notebooks organized with these funky cactus bookends. This will make it a lot easier for you as well to find a book you need from time to time.