Apple's iOS 15 Updates and Features

Apple recently released their new anticipated iPhone 13 and along with the new release is a new iOS 15 update which includes new features. Here is a list of a few new features you can expect:

  • Shareplay FaceTime


FaceTime is an innovating way for users to communicate with each other by allowing users to physically see the other person through their smartphone. This helps connect you to your family and friends. Prior to the update, you can only FaceTime with one other line and only with an Apple user, but now you can do a Group FaceTime which will enable more participants onto the call so you can connect with more people at the same time and the users no longer have to be an Apple user. You can now send a link to a non- Apple user to jump onto the FaceTime call. You can even listen to songs together, watch a TV show/movie, or stream from various apps, all while Face Timing. 

  • Focus Mode

These new update will allow you users to help reduce distractions during different time and activities throughout the day. Users can now customize which notifications they can receive from apps and contacts at a specific time/mode. This mode can be used for do not disturb, work hours, sleeping hours, and more. 

  • New Notification Icons

The notifications has been redesigned on the home screen. You can now view contacts photos and larger icons for apps for easier identification. Multiple notifications within the same app will now be combined to reduce excess notifications. Notifications will now be arranged by priority based on the user which the iPhone will analyze which apps the user prioritizes more often. This will send the urgent notifications to be delivered immediately and on top of your home screen.

  • Apple Maps

The new designed and updated maps will now allow you to navigate and explore with a new experience. You will see significant enhanced details on your map. You can even see a three-dimensional experience with the roads, bike lanes, crosswalks, and more. 

  • Safari

The search bar is now on the bottom of the screen whereas prior to the update, it was on top of the screen. This is to help control your phone easier with one hand. Users can now pull down the web to refresh and when you open a new tab, the display now shows an overview grid to view each tabs more easily.

  •  Weather App

The weather app has a new redesigned for the update. It now features a more detailed display, a full-screen map, and an animated layout that now changes based on the weather conditions outside. 

  • Notes

The notes app now created tags which will make it easier to categorize your notes a lot faster. It also allows members of shared notes to notify one another of important updates. There is a new custom folder that will automatically collect your notes based on tags as well.