5 Essential Vlogging Equipment for Starters

Vlogging which is also known as video blogging has become more popular by the day. If you're considering starting your own vlogging channel but don't know what essential gears and equipment you'll need to get started, here are a few things we recommend to get your channel started.
  • Camera

The first gear you'll need to begin your vlogging channel is a camera. You might think you'll need to invest into a high quality and expensive camera right out the door, however, you don't need a crazy expensive camera to create amazing content. A lot of vloggers start with a basic camera within their budget, this could be your smartphone, computer camera, a camcorder, or any camera you have as long as it can record and there is a microphone to record your audio. Once you gain more experience, you can upgrade your camera on the way but to begin with, the most important thing is to have fun. There's no need to worry if you have a qualifying camera to begin vlogging.
  • Tripod

If you don't want to hold your camera by your hands all the time while you're vlogging, you'll want something to support your camera, such as a tripod. There are many different types of tripods. You'll want to consider if you want to purchase a tripod that will hold your smartphone or to hold your specific camera. There are tripods that are mini that can sit on your desk, there are selfie sticks, or there are tripods that can expand from the floor up to your height. 
  • Microphone

Most smartphones, headphones, and cameras will already have a built-in microphone that will work just fine but if you want to enhance your audio or if you don't want to pick up surrounding noises while you film, you can invest into a microphone to get a clean, clear, and crisp sound. 
  • Lighting

Natural lighting is the most popular lighting most people prefer when filming or taking photos but you can't always get natural lighting through out the day. If you notice that you need extra lighting in your videos, there are many inexpensive lighting options you can consider. A popular and inexpensive lighting is a ring light. A ring light has a function as a tripod while giving you extra lighting in different shades of brightness of white, yellow, and a warm tone. 
  • Editing Software

Finally once you have everything recorded, you'll want to edit your vlogging video by editing/cutting out specific parts while you were recording or adding music and text. To do this, you will need an editing software. If you have a laptop or computer, you can look into downloading different software's. Some may be free while some might cost more for additional features. It might take a learning curve to learn how to use the editing software's but you can always refer to videos online to help you. In no time you will know how to edit your videos with your own flavor and personality.