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This stand does an excellent job at what I wanted. I am also glad I purchased the "Long Arm" one as well. This will be a keeper for us and I'm certainly contemplating purchasing​ another one.

Jessica Steele (North Carolina)

I always get asked who is filming your videos? It is me! I’m a one woman show over here. Well, a one woman show plus my Ledetech phone stand that helps me get the best angles.

Anna Redman
'The Bachelor' & 'Bachelor in Paradise'

My home office is now complete! It’s so amazing! It clamps right onto your desk super easily and it’s adjustable. I’m using it for Zoom if I need an extra screen or sometimes I like having it elevated and see a notification come in to respond to.

Natalie (New York)

If you have been looking for a stand that is stable, sturdy and can be used in multiple devices, this is the best one I've tried!


It’s been great to have whenever one of this video meetings comes up. I just grab it set in front and snap my phone in. The black and grey scale match my setup as well!

Scott Gold (Los Angeles)

Instead of having my really big tripod sitting on my desk taking up a lot of room, I can have this nice white compact holder sitting there and it rotates all sort of different ways and my phone is really safe on there.

Taylor Cherie (Florida)

It’s super versatile actually makes my desk modern. I feel like I have an extra shelf which is really good for the laptop. I also keep a lot of my notepads underneath the shelf. It is so convenient.

Lucia Cordaro (Chicago)

Great product for Tesla FaceTime sessions! With this Ledetech accessory, I can use it have it close up next to me for a second set of maps.

Anis Abdul-Karim (Pasadena)

I'm a gamer so I need multiple screens at once with everything in place. I love having a stand for everything including my phone so that I can easily see what's going on without having to look down or grab the phone.

Kristi Dela Cruz (Sierra Madre)